Weekend Playlist 1

I’ve decided  I’m going to feature a few of my favorite songs at the end of every week.  Because who doesn’t like starting their weekend off with some new tunes?  Enjoy.

Blouse – Into Black

This Portland trio keeps electronic rock listenable.  A lot of the time, I get disappointed with new electronic-based music because I feel the loops serve as lazy replacements for melodies.  And that’s just the instrumental part.  Even if I do get into the tune, once the vocals come in I struggle to hear anything new.  However, Blouse is anything but another predictability.  From haunting-yet-aloof vocals to a beat worthy of remembering, the band gives me much needed hope for what else is out there.

Woven Bones – Sitting Sick

I cannot refer to this song as anything other than badass.  My boyfriend showed it to me after he heard it playing at “the coop” — a house previously rented by friends in downtown Orlando frequented by pro-rollerbladers and ragers alike.  Sadly, I only got to have a few experiences there (that I can remember) before everyone moved out and it became the end of an era (RIP coop.)  Basically, the sound of this song embodies the vibe from these kinds of nights. The last time I heard this playing around the rollerbladers, three of them — boyfriend included — were sitting on a couch jamming while simultaneously chugging Coors and smoking cigarettes after a long night of downtown bar-hopping.  Ah, memories.

The Yardbirds – New York City Blues

All of my CDs are scratched and I no longer own an Ipod so the music choices in my car are limited.  The Yardbirds have been on repeat for about a week now so I feel this is fitting.  New York City Blues is one of my favorites by them.  Have a listen and you’ll understand why.

Black Mamba – White Woods

I first discovered this band about two years ago while I was shopping on Spanish Moss.  I can’t remember if this is one of the model’s bands or what and I’ve still only barely found any information on them.  However, their 2009 album Golden Birthday is available on Itunes.  I just liked this track the most.

Grooms – Wicked Game

Another oldie, but well-worth mentioning nonetheless.  This is probably one of my favorite covers for its originality alone.  I love how powerful everything sounds together.  It’s beautiful.

Black Ryder – Sweet Come Down

This song understands me at the end of my week.  I am always so busy that by Friday I have little energy to do anything besides chill out with some wine in my apartment.  I have few complaints though, because listening to this soothing melody at night with a glass of Sweet Red feels so rewarding.


Ok Swim Deep, you’ve won me over.

I’ll admit, when I first saw this music video a month or so ago it didn’t do much for me.  But by chance I came across it again, viewed it in its entirety and listened to it once more without the video.  20 minutes later, I still have it playing on repeat.

Yes, in the chorus the band gives a shout out to the beautiful bassist and vocalist of Warpaint (Fuck your romance I want to pretend, that Jenny Lee Lindberg is my girlfriend) which struck my interest upon first listen, but the rest of the lyrics are where the real shout-out lies — this song is an ode to youth.

“King City” is the epitome of teenagers having little concern about anything but deriving fun from everything.  From shots of the U.K. trio skating through a mall to trespassing over a fence, counting their change for a snack, and sifting through records, this video forces you to yearn for your younger days of naivety and bliss. It immerses you in a kind of nostalgia that is comforting.  That’s why I fell in love with this.  Hopefully you will too.

They’re baaaack …

… with a new E.P. released April 23.

Of course, since the Raveonettes have remained a long time favorite of mine and I knew my ears would be a bit biased, I had my boyfriend listen to the songs for a second opinion.  The verdict?  We were both left wanting more.

Listen to the duo’s newest release, Into the Night, here:

Feel free to blast the first track on repeat a few times, I know I shamelessly did.

Magazine Blackout Poetry


“Although she wasn’t the first female superhero, she forced people to wonder why life has picked up status, glamorous looks, and jealousy to address: What sort of world are we left with?”

Ok, as much as I’d like to receive praise for originating this wonderfully therapeutic idea, I must credit my discovery to this man: http://www.austinkleon.com/category/newspaper-blackout-poems/

However, I often have my friends who come visit me in Jacksonville take a magazine, flip through pages, and just start scribbling until they’ve completed a masterpiece of their own (a bottle of Riesling really gets our creative juices flowing).  I admit I do this in part because I’m selfish and want any piece of my guests to stay with me even if I’m settling for paper that’s been doodled on, but I also do it as a fun form of tension-release.

As a writer, I have a long-standing love for the English language and how words have the ability to transform thoughts in to something almost tangible.  Oftentimes, people tell me they loathe writing because the pressure of having to make everything grammatically correct and perfect makes it seem like a daunting task as opposed to a form of liberation.

Well, this kind of poetry is different.  The words speak to you and pull you in; all you have to do is craft and mold them in to your own.

Next time you’re about to throw out that stack of fashion magazines from two seasons ago, give them another browse.  See where it takes you.

Who knows, you might create something beautiful.

Normally I don’t care for the work of actors who try to break into music.  I often feel like it’s just another side project they do solely because they can.  Granted, beyond Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan’s flopped singles, there has some been talent (think more toward Zooey Deshanel) worth mentioning.

But recently I’ve become fond of another jack of all trades.  Pixie Geldof, a beautiful U.K. model, photographer, and T.V. presenter now has a band that’s actually good.

Here is Y.O.U., the newly released single from her band, Violet.

The album is set to debut May 7, and if the following tracks are anything in comparison to these light, sing-songy lyrics paired with the dreamy melody, then I guarantee I will be playing it on repeat for a long time to come.